SUGARFLAIR Pina Colada – Concentrated Natural Flavour 30ml


Flavour your cakes, cookies and more with this Concentrated Natural Pina Colada Flavouring by Sugarflair.

This Pina Colada flavouring boasts  a refreshing tropical vibe with a classic summer favourite.

This concentrated flavouring will give your bakes a punch of pineapple, and lovely hints of coconut in just a few drops, which is great for saving time when flavouring your cakes, cookies, desserts and more.

The flavouring is very concentrated so you will only require a few drops to flavour your cake. It is recommended to start with 1ml of flavouring per 1kg of cake/cookie mix/chocolate and adjust to taste.

The flavouring comes in a handy squeeze bottle with a dropper top meaning you can get the exact amount that you require and you don’t have to buy a separate dropper.

Sugarflair flavours are all natural and do not contain any additives.

The flavouring can be used in a wide range of treats and desserts including: Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, royal icing and sugarpaste, ice cream, buttercream, Isomalt, ganache and more!

Bottles are resealable for use at a later date.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Each bottle contains 30ml.


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