SMARTFLEX Pumpkin Orange Velvet Sugarpaste 250g


  • Firm yet flexible, SmartFlex’s Pumpkin Orange Velvet Sugarpaste is of the finest quality, allowing you to cover your cakes with ease.
  • The sugarpaste has a silky smooth feel, is extremely elastic yet structurally sturdy at the same time, allowing you to create challenging and unique shapes or designs.
  • The fondant is easy to handle, can be rolled out very well and thinly. It does not tear, crack or stick during rolling. The surface is perfectly homogeneous with a velvet feel. It can be used in different ranges of temperature.
  •  It’s perfect to use in moulds and ideal for those with warm hands who need a firmer sugarpaste.
  • It rolls even thinner than your average sugarpaste, making it longer-lasting and super cost-effective.
  • Smartflex sugarpaste is perfect for decorating cakes for all occasions.