Mr & Mrs Acrylic Cupcake Topper


Add the perfect topper to wedding and engagement cakes with this Mr & Mrs Cake Topper.

Comes in a range of colours and finishes, you can be sure to find a topper that matches your theme.

The topper features the words ‘Mr & Mrs’ in a simple but elegant style font – the perfect topper for cakes and giant cupcakes, and it makes a great keepsake to remember the occasion.

To use the topper, hold it at the base of the topper design and gently push it into your cake until the stick part touches the board. If you have a deep tiered cake or wish to have the topper sticking out further, push the topper into the cake to the desired height, making sure the topper does not wobble. DO NOT force the topper into your cake as this may cause damage to the topper or your cake.

As with any non-edible topper you add to your cake, we would recommend that you coat the parts touching the cake with Safety Seal to make it food safe. In this case, you can dip the stick part of the topper in Safety Seal.

Height 9.5cm x Width 11.5cm
Stick Height 7cm

Please note that our wooden cake toppers may occupy a slight burnt smell. This is due to the manufacturing of the product as each topper is laser cut to ensure accuracy. We can confirm they are food safe and won’t cause any issues regarding use.

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