EEZEE DOWELS – Pack of 10


Get your cakes ‘all dowelled up’ with our brand new range of eeZee Dowels.

eeZee Dowels are the thickest and strongest dowel available on the market, making it easier than ever to support your cake tiers, yet super easy to cut!

Why use eeZee Dowels?

✔ Effortless cuts – with standard kitchen scissors!
✔ Remarkably strong, with the ability to support a substantial amount of weight
✔ Perfectly straight – with a thicker interior than other dowels on the market.
✔ Can stack up to three-tiered cakes
✔ Pass through the cake easily
✔ Smaller and compact size, taking up less space and more room for cake!
✔ Disposable or reusable (wash in warm soapy water to use again)
✔ Thickest and strongest dowel available on the market
✔ Food safeEach dowel is 12″ long.
We recommend cutting your dowels into approx. 5 pieces per tier to be placed in the centre of your cake to properly support above tiers.The dowels are sold individually, so you can order as many as you need for your cake project.
Pack of 10 Eezee Dowels.

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