EEZEE DOWELS 12 Inch Pink Square Dowels


Stack up to a whopping 4 cake tiers using these brand new square eeZee dowels!

eeZee Dowels are the thickest and strongest dowel available on the market, and with the new square dowels, you can stack up to 4 cake tiers!

Being square, these dowels require a lot of pressure to bend, making them sturdier than ever.

The square eeZee dowels are specially designed to add increased support for heavier cake tiers, without taking up any more space with the use of extra dowels. Their square shape means they have a larger surface area and in turn, gives you an even more stable structure.

Slot round eeZee dowels inside the square eeZee dowels to double up the strength (without the need to sacrifice any more of that cakey goodness!)